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de ja vu

What is it with life that causes you to see it twice, or in some cases several times over? Is it not the strangest feeling to watch your motions with a familiar background knowing what you'll see moments before you see it? Like a tracer in reverse the frames of happenings are following your premonitions step by step. How can this be? How is it possible to see a split second into the future? Short circuit, primal forethought, anxious dendrites, or just a freaky glitch of mental trickery. Ardent believers would jump at the instance as demonstration of divine destiny. The paranormal would suggest a connection with the ghostly afterworld. Scientifically, it would be ruled an impossibility. Certainly if you can't replicate it in a lab then its not a bankable happening, right? I'm sure there are plenty of you out there in blog world that have had the same dream over and over again, as if there is supposed to be some impending message to glean from them. Well, here's my take on this quirky little phenomenon I haven't experienced in quite some years. 

Fear, especially as a child, is the strongest emotion capable of debility or superhuman strengths . Stories and accounts are common of sickness, disease, or chronic physical failure due to stress which is really a form of drawn out fear. How much faster can you run when your being chased by something scary, or leap over a fence that you would never in your wildest dreams consider under normal circumstances. I have read stories of a frightened mother lifting a car up off of her unfortunate child or a friend hoisting a log ten times his weight off the crushed legs of a fellow hiker. So, fear is powerful enough all by itself to cause indecision, weakness and physical harm in some but in others it may stimulate a super heightened mental and physical awareness. So, the question is-are the repetitive dreams the body's mechanism for dissipating fear ? And are the conscious split second rolling premonitions a super-heightened primitive mechanism key for survival in critical situations? Well, it is common knowledge that dreams do relieve stress, correct? So the same dream is an attempt to alleviate an ongoing stress, could be! Warriors or even common soldiers accounts of seeing an unseeable approaching enemy or his arrows or bullets is a super-heightened awareness that not all possess. Knowing something or seeing something before it happens, that's got to be it. Evolution a bit more advanced in some than others at ridding bad stress caused by fear of going hungry or being eaten. Then, on the other side sharpened skills to protect and provide. Pretty simple huh!  

Like I said, I haven't experienced this phenomenon in quite some years. I'm very happy and fortunate to a have a Starbucks just around the corner and a CVS not too far beyond that. Yep, just sitting here blogging away! No impending doom here, no repetitive dreams and certainly no super-heightened awareness!



s around and the corner and a drug store not too far beyond that.