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I’m very happy to have been accepted for an upcoming issue of The Comstock Review. They took my poem Thought For The Day. Publication date is TBD. I’ll keep you posted. My understanding is that they had a couple of rough years in 2010-11, trying to keep up with their intended print schedule,...
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All the rats say it’s not a race, though it’s hard to tell, what with all of them doing their best to out-rat each other, jacking up their prices precipitously overnight almost every night, regardless of any theories of supply and demand. And it’s even more difficult to figure out how they remain...
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He goes to Sweet Scoops over on the green because he believes that the ice cream is colder there than over at Tim & Doug’s by The Pick And Shovel, and it must be that others believe it, too, because the business there is always brisk, the lines twice as long, even on rainy days, even on...
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The crow, apparently ravenous for the unrecognizable splat of highway carrion, does not budge from its feast, despite the near passage of a barreling fourteen-wheeler in the adjacent lane.  The driver barely notices the banquet as he flashes by, his mind on his destination, his eyes scanning...
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     There’s little to be done that isn’t already being done to help him, so everybody just keeps doing what they’ve been doing and he just goes right on being crazy. He keeps telling them he knows who’s dying; who’s going to die soon, who’s going to linger, and how they’re all...
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No matter what he points to, asking his kid what it is, the answer’s always the same. “What’s this?” he asks. “Pee dog,” says the son. “I think you’re a pee dog,” he teases, after his son says pee dog for about the millionth time. Later, when it’s time for lunch, they unpack a stack of pee dog...
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He gets drunk and climbs onto the back of a four-wheeler, flies through the air after the thing flips end-over-end into a cowpond, delivers him onto its rocky edge with a shattered kneecap peeking through deeply gashed flesh.  Two days later he's headed for surgery, badly infected, the doctors...
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Everyone was screaming for Tang and Velcro, but fewer than half of them had ever been to the moon. Most of those who had been there, had been there only once and, of those, only a small handful had returned alive to tell the tale. Those who survive the arduous voyage are generally rewarded with...
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  Janey goes and stays away. Awake all night, the man of her dreams dreams he can sleep, but he can’t.                                ...
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He hopes his red Ford Ranger will make it another thirty thousand miles so he can tell people he’s driven it to the moon, but the transmission’s been slipping pretty badly, the clutch seems totally fed up with all the downshifting he’s been doing to save the brakes, and the brakes themselves gave...
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At times like this, he thinks, it’s best to write things down; so he does, and then he goes inside with all the other strangers to view the body.  Some of the strangers seem vaguely familiar, predictably ill-at-ease, and he notes that his reception among them, like the weather, is cold. Inside...
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He’s acutely aware that it’s May, almost the middle of the year, and he thinks more and more often about phrases like “Time flies.”  He finally grasps, now that he’s well past mid-life, the math at play that makes summers come and go far more quickly than when he was just a boy, waiting...
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(for KFL 02.14.27 -- 01.24.01) Sunday sunrisethe sky more brick than crimsonsailor takes warning he stands at the spotstares at all the pretty grassno one’s ever home sailor sails awayin search of sunset’s delightbut finds no harbor  
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1) Of Mice And Menses2) How Green Was My Belly3) Gone With The Wings4) Animal Parm5) Lord Of The Fries6) Call Of The Mild7) The Grapes Of Mirth8) Mopey Dick9) Less Of The Mohicans10) A Farewell To Yarns11) War And Peas12) Slime And Punishment13) Catheter In The Rye
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It’s hard to tell if he’s just having lunch or if he’s already laying the groundwork for re-election.He smiles when he speaks, no matter how long he’s speaking, and it’s hard to imagine how anyone could speak that long and smile all the way through. It’s like he’s in some alternate universe...
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