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He hates to go out as much as he hates to stay home; can stand neither the mall nor the couch, neither the silence nor the blare.  Mostly he’s a man marooned between two states of being, adrift somewhere on the wide sea that separates the hubbub from the hermit. He forces himself to go out to...
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She has it set to flash every time she gets a text, and it flashes and flashes and flashes but she never picks it up to check it out, her friends at the bar being far more flashy and attractive, far more likely to be delivering the buzz she’s been hoping for all day long.  It’s Tuesday night...
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Today, finally, the mail delivery contained my long-awaited copy of The Comstock Review, containing my poem Thought For The Day, which has been down a long hard road to publication. Specifically: 21 months from submission to publication—the longest wait I’ve ever experienced. If I was the...
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It’s Wednesday, so it’s coffee four times, maybe a fifth cup after dinner with a splash of Grand Marnier to sweeten it up a little.   It’s Wednesday and going into the office is a lot like playing a marathon game of Whack-A-Mole, the phones ringing incessantly, everyone in crisis and...
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Halfway up the mountain, up toward Jay peak, where the treeline turns from mixed hardwood to evergreen, the scent of cedar and pine almost overpowering, there’s a small pull-off by a rocky stream where a five-minute walk away from the road lands you in almost total silence, with nothing to be heard...
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Q: What is the Northern Cardinal Review?A: “A journal of relatively northern North American literature” Who do they publish? Canada Only?  No, not really.  Canada and Alaska.  And any other state that borders Canada.  Like Vermont.  I live in Vermont.  They...
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Two pieces accepted by Northern Cardinal Review.  One will be up on Sunday (Hemlock, Sandalwood, Sage) and the other one (Song Of The Crystal) sometime, hopefully soon, thereafter.  I’ll post links when they’re up.  Meanwhile, lots of good reading (including one of my own, published...
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(I’m yanking on your chain again, as I promised I would when I first mentioned this a couple weeks ago.) Don’t Forget: Grumpy’s (Virtual) Publication Party Tomorrow (Sunday, 9/15; 5 PM Eastern / 2 PM Pacific) Here’s The Podcast Link:I Got Yer Grumpy Right Here, Pal Join emcee Rick Lupert as...
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Janey at the Mooselook Restaurant, after four or five years, recognizes him when he stops in, passing through on his monthly trip to Lunenburg to check on his oldest client, transplanted so far away from the home office’s regular service area after his home provider’s house burned down, forcing the...
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My poem Watch And Wait is featured today (with an audio link!) at Untitled, with Passengers. Please stop by to read it, hear it, rate it, praise it, share it and—if you’re so inclined—print it out and cook it up for dinner! “Watch And Wait” at Untitled, with Passengers
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It’s Saturday morning and he goes to the bookstore’s café, as usual, for a second cup of coffee, a blueberry muffin, and a chance to eavesdrop on the geezers. Woody, at 84, struggles to his feet to hug a passing customer—a woman half his age—also celebrating a birthday.  His buddies, scattered...
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1. Enunciados verdaderos are enunciados verdaderos. 2. Egia adierazpenak are always your best bet. 3. Veraj asertoj will never let you down. 4. You really can’t go wrong with a few tunay na salaysay . 5. All you should tell the cops is enunciats vertaders. 6. Satt yfirlysingum rock! 7. Never trust...
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Rick Lupert, curator of Poetry Super Highway and editor of the recently-released anthology Ekphrastia Gone Wild, hosts a monthly PSH podcast at BlogTalkRadio. Rick’s planning a virtual publication party for the new anthology. For September’s podcast, Rick has solicited audio files from contributors...
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  No one asks him about his meds.  No one needs to ask. It’s all right there in front of them.   They’ve brought him in for his required quarterly med review, and they’ve all arrived bleary-eyed,   burned out from four consecutive sleepless nights, five straight days of jabber...
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I know I’ve mentioned this piece maybe half a dozen times over the past couple years, and I promise (barring a Nobel Prize, or something like that) not to mention it again after this post. Originally published in the inaugural issue of AND/OR  (PDF in November 2010; Print in December),...
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