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Trifecta? Or A Circle Of Hell?

I've been a little dry lately, inspiration-wise, so I'm trying to squeeze out as much as I can from next to nothing.  You'll see. Go HERE first for six simple sentences on how I spent my Thursday.  While you're there, be sure to hit the "Non-Compliance" link (in sentence 3).  Reason Number 13 should bring you back here. You'll figure it out.

I know it's asking a lot, but you might enjoy the trip.

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My head's going off in thirteen directions ...

... even though it's Friday, finally, and now I'm dizzy too.


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New windows

I love the way new windows open up and we are taken into a brand new world each time. Fun post Ron. And rather esoteric in an everyday kind of way.


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Nice and compact

Ron, I always read your work more than once, because you craft your pieces so compactly. You end up saying something different with every reading. I like your eggs over tokyo side bars and would love to be able to get over to my viewers as much about my character as you do. Kudos. Q