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The Forager's Manual: Intro to Illustrations

Even though the widest search reveals not a single worthy ort

to match the page's demanding and inky detail, it's more than

merely important not to come home empty-handed; it's crucial.

Even the oddly-shaped phrase, properly turned and twisted

or trimmed to conform, even the well-worn image, limping

beside the over-travelled path, even if these do not seem to be

what the forager is eager for, even these could pass

for sustenance, provided the hunger's great enough, desire

so sharp that even threadbare singsong fills a longing. 

The crucial thing is not to starve.  

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Desire is a wonderful word Ron. I think you've captured it beautifully here. m

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Thanks, MW

I appreciate you comment.  Desire is one end of things.  The more urgent the need, the stronger the desire, I suppose.  The starving man more than desires his lowly scraps, eh?

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Your poem speaks differently

Your poem speaks differently to me, Ron. I see a man, his process, his tools of the trade--and how he has not only to pay attention to all the morsels, but then he has to do something with them in a way no one else has and to draw pictures with these tools. To me it speaks of being true and finding new ways to express. I love it, Ron. I read it aloud several times and each time, settled in a little more. Amazing how so much can be gleamed in a short space. There is beauty too in finding many illustrations in one.

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Thank You Ms Hill

Ah, when we think we have nothing to write about, nothing with which to write, even the mere ash in the tray, the least hint of moonlight must suffice, must make the feast we seek, the feast we seek to share. Thanks for your perceptive read.