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Stepping Out

It takes long enough for a poet to find his true voice, and I guess I'm no exception. I feel like, after writing for most of my life, I'm almost there.

But (thanks to a prompt posted at We Write Poems) this week I took a step outside myself & written a masque/persona poem. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, all things considered.

I hope you'll stop by to read "Truth, Hard As Nails"  at Scrambled, Not Fried.  And by all means, feel free to comment, either here or there. 

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I've just read your poem.  I

I've just read your poem.  I am not a poetry lover, as a rule, but I enjoyed it very much – particulary the irony.  Good luck to you.

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I like it, Ron. I read it a

I like it, Ron. I read it a few times-tossed it around in my head and then it settled in very nicely.  thanks, m