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My Dirty Little Secret

All Our Coolest Roads Are Unpaved


Dirt Road in Jeffersonville,VT
Photo Credit: Marc H

If you’re giving anyone driving directions in Vermont, unless they’re travelling exclusively on the Interstates, sooner or later your directions will include the phrase, “…and that’s where the pavement ends.”  This where I live.  This is where the real Vermont begins.

Approximately 6,000 of Vermont’s 14,000 miles of maintained roads are dirt. I believe it’s the highest percentage in the country. Yee-Haw!

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Because moose don't need no

Because moose don't need no stinking pavement?

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I grew up with such roads and

I grew up with such roads and what I miss the most is their smell at the start of a light rain.

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True enough, but...

I could live without the axle-deep muck during Mud Season.

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I LIke the Road Less Traveled

Hey Ron, do you take in boarders?

You have won the game my firend.

John Haslam

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Sorry, JH...

I'm too much of a hermit, up here on the hill.  I can recommend a nice Bed & Breakfast down in the village, though.

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Thanks for the insight.

Thanks for the insight. I drove and drove years ago in Ireland and came to the end of a road at the top of a cliff - felt like l'd reached the end of the Earth! M