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Equinox Morning

All night long I moved the furniture.

I was cautious; inched it around

the carpeted room warily, careful

not to torque it out of joint, or

mar the finish. When I was done,

everything rested perfectly

where it had been to start with,

where it belonged all along,

and I, waking, pleased

to find it so arranged, went out

into the morning for a smoke. 


I have seen the tea rose triple its size

in a season here, where almost anything

sown or dropped carelessly will bloom

and flourish. I have seen crows,

grown fat on carrion in winter, fatten

further on the summer’s wayward corn.

Now, I stand on the deck in the morning,

inhaling and exhaling the fog, floating

far above the slowly greening day

and the prospect of sunlight on soil.

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I love the "slowly greening day". It makes me think that plagiarism could be fun. Thank you for a very "cool" moment.

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Thank You, Sharon

I have often responded to one of my favorite poets, Sarah Sloat, advising her of my intent to steal something she wrote.  I'm honored to have engendered a similar response.

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The pensive quality seduces

The pensive quality seduces me - I eat the words. m

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Thanks, MW

I'm always happy to have seduced anyone.

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Ron, I enjoyed your morning

Ron, I enjoyed your morning equinox very much. I felt like I was put into that state right before waking and the details of the second stanza made me feel like I was right there breathing it all in. Ah...now off to a calming day. Thank you.

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Thank You, Ms Hill

I live for those fist 3-5 minutes after waking up, when the dream's still with me, rush for the notebook. I'm glad you appreciated that.

I can't remember the last calming (week)day I've had.