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christmas Cease Fire

Last year at Christmas, as I recall,

a cease-fire was declared.  I think

there was another one declared

the year before that and the year

before that.  I can't remember if

anyone anywhere actually stopped

shooting, or if any fewer bombs

exploded any fewer babies, but

it's a nice idea, don't you think?


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Peace is a five-letter word

More years ago than I care to count, I made a painting/collage of a package labeled “CeaseFire – Do Not Open Until 12/25.” An obvious choice and the artwork long-lost now, but unfortunately the concept remains.

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call the printer...

Maybe if we order new calendars; same day, every day: Peace declared today.

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Put me down for a decade's

Put me down for a decade's worth.

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it sure is!

The spirit of Christmas,Christ's birth,is all about peace. Would we but only heed that theme,not only on Dec 25th but throught the year."when the power of LOve overcomes the love of Power the world will know peace"

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sounds good but

sounds good but unfortunately some people really believe the translation of cease to be; temporary. m

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Yes, well...

That's what it's all about, isn't it? What we believe.  Nobody believes Peace is possible. 

Every time I talk about it, they say, "Well  yes, but their side keeps on shooting at our side.

 it's all about changing minds, isn't it?  Let's all start by giving up the concept of sides.

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Until We Decide "With" Peace.

"Let's all start by giving up the concept of sides."

Until we decide "with" peace.

Thank you very much, Ron.

Truly lovely,

Catherine Nagle

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A nice idea indeed

Ron, it's a lovely idea. A shame it is an idea that more people can't grasp and make into a reality.