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The (November) Table of Contents for Every Day Poets is up, and I'm honored to be listed. My poem, "The New Echolalia", will be featured on Saturday, 11/5.

I've known about this for a while, but figured I'd wait to share until it was official. "The New Echolalia" is only one of many love poems written for--or about--My Beloved Sandra. I hope you'll stop by Every Day Poets on Saturday for a visit. Don't worry; I WILL be here to remind you.

BONUS: Every Day Poets has also accepted another of my poems, "Ventriloquy", (another Sandra poem) which will appear soon, probably in December. Rest assured, I'll be tugging on your sleeve about that one, too, later on.

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I've missed you, too.  Sounds like you're cranking out the poetry.

I'm avoiding gold medalists.


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Congratulations, Ron!