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Barton VT
Ron. lives with his love, Dr Sandra Stanley, who isn't famous, but ought to be.
Feb 2009

Sample published work at: EGGS OVER TOKYO
Prose-ish at: HOUSE OF WRITERS

Ron. started reading and writing poetry seriously in the late '60s, when a floral-necktied student teacher dumped a bunch of books on his desk, one of which was Ferlinghetti's A Coney Island of the Mind, which caused him to re-think his (conventional, public school-stunted) opinion of poetry. Later he got married, and later he got divorced.  He lived for a while with a blackout Cuervo drinker.  Fortunately, before the new millennium got underway, he met his true love, moved to Vermont, and started getting his stuff published.  He's not quite dead yet.

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