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The Big Oil Leak And The Coast Guard Response

 President Obama has taken charge of the fight to plug the leak.  It is good to see the the US Coast Guard on scene with the presence of 4 Star Admiral Thad Allen.  Allen is in charge of the Coast Guard response and  became National Incident Commander in the Gulf.  Allen just retired as Commandant of the Coast Guard and has been extended to carry out his new assignment. The Admiral is working directly with BP and other support personnel to bring this problem under control. The Coast Guard an arm of our military forces  will lead what Allen calls, "a work in progress".  Allen said the Coast Guard is accountable to the American People and that he serves at the pleasure of the president.

 Admiral Allen said on The Situation Room that, " We are on the problem, we are working it and that is personified by my presence."

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I don't remember that

Hmm, I watched part of his speech and don't remember that. Do you have a video clip from youtube or something? I'd like to see if that is really true.


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Big Oil

It is true. Obama has taken responsibility for the leadership and has assigned Allen as the Coast Guard Incident Commander. Look up the speeches of today on CNN.COM and look at Coast Guard news or google Admiral Thad Allen.