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From Seals Stadium to a World Series Championship in Just 52 Years
Seals Stadium 1958

 The recent victory parade through the streets of San Francisco for the World Series champion Giants was terrific and very emotional. So many great comments made from the platform in front of city hall.  It was truely historical since this was the very first World Series Championship for the Giants since coming to the city from New York in 1958. I participated in that 1958 parade as a trombone player in a high school band on a flatbed truck. Being a San Francisco native I had mixed feelings that day  as I was a solid San Francisco Seals fan. I went to my first Seals game at Seals Stadium at age nine in 1949.  I followed the team every season for 8 years till they left to make room for the incoming Giants. I was a member of the Christopher Milk club founded by Mayor George Christopher who also owned the Christopher Milk company. As a member I could get a bleacher ticket for 9 cents. I lived not too far from Seals stadium and went to lots of games on my own as young as 10 or 11. I couldn't believe it when I heard the SEALS were going to be replaced by the major league GIANTS. At that time I didn't care about that.  I could feel the pain the Dodgers and Giants fans felt when their teams pulled out of New York City. It took me a long time to warm up to the Giants and it wasn't till Will Clark and Matt Williams came to the team that I really started to pay attention to the Giants. For the past several years I have attended a few Giants games a year, but always watch the team on TV. I really did like this years team and got excited again when they finally brought Posey up and started to let him play every day - he is already being compared to Johnny Bench and will no doubt be named Rookie of the Year.

I am so glad for San Francisco to finally have a winning baseball team and a team with so many role models for the young fans of today - Posey, Lincecum, Wilson, Huff, Sanchez, Sandoval, Uribe, and Ross to name a few.  Baseball has never had so many active fans and it seems to be growing in popularity each year. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and hope there will be many more League and World Series championships in the next few years for the team which will celebrate it's 53rd year in town in 2011. The combined baseball history of the SEALS and GIANTS makes San Francisco one of the greatest baseball towns in the USA...