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Oakland, CA
Apr 2008

Born and raised in New York, Ron Arons has traced his roots to England, Poland, Romania, the Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. He has given presentations at many international genealogy conferences and to local genealogical societies across the country.  In January, 2008, Ron appeared on the PBS television series The Jewish Americans as the resident expert regarding Jewish criminality on New York’s Lower East Side.  His book, The Jews of Sing Sing will be published in June of this year.  Arons earned degrees from Princeton and the University of Chicago.


I took a genealogical approach to researching my book - collecting as much original documentation (FBI files, court transcripts, vital records, census records, and family stories) to reassemble the lives of notorious gangsters and lesser-known Jewish criminals alike. This is very difficult and time-consuming work. Most authors cannot be bothered with all of this fact checking. The result is a much more accurate account of the main characters' lives than has ever been published before.



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