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Her New Abode

Her New Abode by Romi Jain

Her fair face looms brightly on the

Blue horizon--

Beneath the rose petal-shaped mentum

White boats sail in the purple water.

Her almond eyes meet mine and shine;

The supple lips—an inverted rainbow—

Pulsate in elation as my kiss approaches

Gliding along air-currents amorous

To redden the orifice with love, to wet

With steamy dews the sleek philtrum.

Not watered since her departure, seeds

Have sprouted, formed into saplings,

Borne fruits--evidently her miracle!

The imprint of her puerility I find on the

Wind that tickles me at night, tugs at

The quilt, making me sneeze and shiver;

At dawn, she walks along golden rays,

Pierces my heart, infusing it with

Morning calm.

Her abode is in nature

On whose swing, she mirthfully swings;

Whose theatrical stage her whirling legs beat;

In whose divinity she has mingled, drinking in

Seraphic beauty, reveling in escapades….

I foolishly wept at her grave.