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Wake Up Dead: A Thriller by Roger Smith
 www.rogersmithbooks.com  "A stellar thriller" - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) "Noir as hardboiled as it gets." - Library Journal (Starred Review) "An intricate Robert Altman–like narrative." - Kirkus Reviews "A prime destination for readers who like to detour from crime-fiction’s beaten path."  - Booklist     "The night...
Mixed Blood picadorlorez.jpg
 www.rogersmithbooks.com An American, hiding out in Cape Town after being blackmailed into a bank heist back home, is building a new life for his pregnant wife and young son, when an incident of random violence sets him on a collision course with street gangs and a rogue cop who loves killing almost as much as he loves Jesus Christ. Buy from: http://www.amazon.com/Mixed-Blood-...