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Christmas Gifting Delimma

I am not sure how many of you are facing this issue right now, but I sure am. What issue you ask? The issue of selecting and mailing gifts for Christmas. Let me be frank here. it's a pain and I can't wait for all this madness to get over. And it's not only buying gifts that drives me crazy, it's also the contact phone calls and messages asking me what I would like for Christmas. Why has gifting become such a craze? It started with Santa when we were all little kids and it has carried on through out adulthood. We are all grown but kids at heart when it comes to gifts. And if you deny this fact, wait till you get a bad gift from a loved one this Christmas.. see how bad that makes you feel. Bad gifts can actually ruin your Christmas day. Can't we all become grownups again and settle for a simple greeting card? Afterall gifting is just a formality so why go for expensive stuff and why waste so much time over it? Why not settle for a simple greeting card? I know people who still do nothing but send greeting cards and get labled as jerks or misers. Don't you think it is rather childish to lable someone as a jerk just because he was sane enough to send you a greeting card instead of spending money on something you will not even use? I see websites today filled with all kinds of gifts specific to the likes and interests of the other person. For instance, gifts for gardeners. And these are expensive so you know the market is big.. very big. I also heard that most businesses make their entire year's profits during these two months. Don't you think these businesses have become successful in puting all of us in a trance? They all tell us that the more expensive, exotic and unique your gift is the better the other person is going to like you. In other words all these companies feed to our egos. Don't you think it's time to change? Don't you think gifting is something that comes from your heart and is a statement of your love and not an expression of how rich you are or how lavishly you can spend? Think about it.. This time around I am sending only greeting cards to my friends and relatives and if they break their relationship with me because of that, I don't know how strong the relationship was in the first place.



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Don't get caught up!

Thoughtful gifts are way more fun. Send a gift that makes people cry! Write 'em a poem or send a special email with a description of the best time you had with the person - those cards able to record messages are fun too. Take a horrible X-mas picture and send it to everyone. Maybe you won't be the one that spends the most money... but if people think you're weird anyway... be weird.

-Miko is Michelle