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A psychic's helping-hand is needed


Fascinating material about the Sinclairs. I'm reading through your blogs. But hey! You might be of help to one of our own in the Red Room...she's in serious need of a second psychic opinion. You'd be perfect. She might even be material for a page in your psychic blog.  Here is her recent Red Room blog entry defining her problem with a seer:

A psychic once told me....

June 15, 2008

I'm kind of a nobody in the writing world.  I don't say that to get sympathy or to sound dramatic, I state it as a fact.  I once went to a psychic who had predicted a couple of major events in my life, tell me that I was not writer material.    His exact words are cloudy.  Was it that I'd never find success as a writer or was it that I'd never make money as a writer?  I think he wanted me to be a teacher because that fit the profile for my astrological sign.  I don't know whether to believe him or not, but so far it's been true.  Then again, most writers don't make money.  I probably shouldn't have gone.  I only put stock in what he said when I'm really down on myself which, according to Oprah, I shouldn't be.  

Anyway, despite my status as a small potato I have been fortunate enough to have had some successful writers give me positive feedback.  I thought it would be nice to voice my gratitude publicly.  Anne Marino, who spoke to my class when I was a teacher, was downright charming and they loved her.  The two of us had socialized before and she gave me such words of encouragement that I was actually a little bit high after talking with her.  She is a wonderful mentor and I love that she signs all of her correspondences with the phrase "write hard."  Beth Lisick  generously complimented my writing in a review on SFgate a few years ago.  I was fortunate enough to open for Dan Kennedy and she was there.  Talk about reading in the right place at the right time   Every time I see her she has such positive things to say and reminds me that I am good.  Alan Black  has given me immeasurable support for years starting way back when in The Writer's Block at The Edinburgh Castle.  He has seen me fall flat on my face (and I don't mean drunk at the bar) and yet he still  has given me amazing opportunities to read.  His writing words of wisdom include "sexy beast of a story, very publishable."   I am excited to support him this Saturday night for the launch of his own book which is the result of years of labor at the computer, at the bar.  

I am reminded how fortunate I am for someone living in this city.  Every time I think about quitting, that perhaps I am not good enough, I take heart in the fact that there is a lot of really bad writing out there.  It's being published, it's being read, and it occasionally wins awards. I suppose a psychic is only right if you believe him/her.  I also take heart in the fact that I belong to a supportive writing community.  There are many other supportive writers whose names you wouldn't recognize, who are not on redroom.com, but still have a lot to say.  I think the collection of those voices in addition to the three people I mentioned outweigh any words of a psychic.  


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