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I saw them coming toward me, a diabolically boring couple I always tried to avoid. I mean, they're communtity pillars and all that, but he can wax on about his mother's ailments and she about his mother's and her own. I would have ducked into anywhere, but they began waving to me, calling out my name.I had to do the "say cheese freeze."

While they were elaborating on his mother's ailments (her mother was already deceased, but soemtimes she unearthed her mother's ailments as well) and then their own ailments, I lifted my eyes skyward.

"Please, get me away from them," I silently begged. 

A pigeon flew over and crapped on his bald head. As the wife tried to clean him up with feminine wipes, I made my getaway.









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I had a good laugh!!!  I

I had a good laugh!!!  I imagined rolling eyes and the mad dash for the exit!  Thank you for sharing you sense of humor :-)

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Thank you for your reply

Hi, Rita,Yes, gosh, those people you don't want to run into. Saved by a pigeon!


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Great Story

Not only salvation for you, but retribution for all.

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Thank you for your reply

Yes. A friend's mother used to say, "Be interesting or be quiet." Yikes, I just remembered that she used to say that to me!