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Professional psychic Miriam Kaminsky secretly hopes that her paranormal abilities will be passed on after skipping a generation, but her daughter Cara isn’t so sure. After all, Miriam’s Aunt Chaia was institutionalized for most of her life because of a similar “gift.” As her granddaughter Violet grows up, Miriam encourages her to explore her ability to see into people’s minds, and Violet pinpoints classmates’ illnesses as well as their parents’ cheating spouses—much to the parents’ chagrin. Miriam, however, becomes increasingly frustrated as her abilities cause a rift in the family. When a young woman named Kaylee dies due to Miriam’s actions, she believes that it may be time to stop using her powers. But when Kaylee’s spirit returns after her dramatic demise and begins haunting 5-year-old Violet, all bets are off. Will Miriam manage to save the day, or will Kaylee’s influence drive Violet insane? Shapiro effectively immerses readers in a world of spirits—a milieu in which  Miriam’s dead Bubbie talks to her on a daily basis—and keeps the proceedings from ever feeling over-the-top.