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Is Kaylee's Ghost the ghost of another life? Read astonishing coincidences!

I did a book talk on November 7th at the Temple Beth David in Commack and got goose bumps when I found out that one of the attendees, Marcia Karter, had so many life parallels with the characters in my novel, Kaylee’s Ghost, a family drama about life here on Earth and in the HereafterThe heroine, Miriam Kaminsky, is a phone psychic like me, so I'm used to odd "coincidences." But this time, I was agape. Miriam has a daughter named Cara. Marcia Karter's daughter’s name is Kara. In the novel, Miriam’s mother took two years to conceive Miriam. In real life, Marcia's mother took two years to conceive Marcia. Marcia’s mother and Miriam’s mother had the exact same complications during their pregnancies. Marcia and her daughter, Kara, have the same greenish/bluish eyes as Cara and Miriam’s mother. Marcia’s mother was a Holocaust survivor as was Miriam’s mother-in-law. And really, Marcia’s name is close to Miriam’s, isn’t it? And, come to think of it, Marcia’s other daughter, Kimberly, has a name close to Kaylee.


What do all these “coincidences” mean? Could it be that while I was writing Kaylee’s Ghost I hooked into Marcia’s life without ever having known her?  Did Fate write the first draft? Was I channeling Marcia and her relatives? And if so, why?


In an old Hassidic tale, it’s said that we know our whole future as we’re waiting to be born but the Angel of Forgetfulness touches our lips with its finger, leaving that indent above the lips and below the nose called the philtral dimple. Did the Angel of Forgetfulness whisper to me, “Psst, this Marcia over here, you’ll know all of her business even after I seal your lips.”


What do you think?