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Christ Never Left Christmas

Many Facebook fans are talking about how American’s need to put Christ back into Christmas. But Christ never left Christmas… unless you took him out. Christmas isn’t about how it is spelled or even the fact the Jesus may or may not have been born exactly on December 25. Christmas is about how you treat others, the random acts of kindness you do and your compassion for others.
This is America and we cannot force Christ on anyone who doesn’t want to believe or has other believes from the Christian viewpoint. There are three types of business in this world: yours, other peoples and God’s. You are only entitled to your business. If others wish to say Happy Holidays or Seasons Greeting what’s so wrong with that? What is so wrong with respecting the beliefs of others and letting them worship whom and in whatever way they see fit. You only have control over yourself, how you think and how you act. Everyone else’s thoughts and actions are beyond your control. So don’t get mad over others not putting Christ in Christmas. The only thing you should be concerned about is if Christ is in YOUR Christmas. Christmas isn’t about being a Christian….it is about being a human being. We say “Peace on Earth” during Christmas time, NOT peace on all those who believe in Christ. NOT peace on American’s and nowhere else. Peace on Earth means just that. Peace for everyone, even if they don’t believe what you believe. Much peach and happiness to everyone on earth from Robyn Wheeler, author of Born Mad.