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Are You Likable?

For over 40 years, I lived my life believing I was liked by everyone. I believed I was fun, kind and a good friend, wife, daughter and sister. Despite the fact that many friends told me I had an attitude problem, I didn't believe them; I brushed off their comments even by my own sister. Then I wondered why my sister didn't call very often or tell me about the latest events taking place in her life. After I lost total contact with my sister and a good friend (both in the same year), I looked in the mirror and asked myself if I was like-able. The answer: NO, I don't even like me, so why do I expect others to like me? Many of my bad habits and personality flaws made me an unlikeable person. Here's a partial list of what I didn't like about ME:

I was judgemental and arrogant
I always had to be right
I never admitted to being wrong or making a mistake
I expected others to do everything the same way I do things
I had a sense of entitlement
I had a sense of being better than others

It took years of listening to self-help CD's, reading books on attitude (and how to change it when necessary) but eventually I evolved into who I am today and hope to continue to evolve in the future. Everyday I practice being a better person, more compassionate and understanding of others and realizing everyone on the face of the planet does things differently than I do. 

This profound realization to transforming my attitude and riding myself of my arrogance and need to always be right (among other bad traits) has led to our first survey on human behavior. And we need your help. Please log on to www.bornmad.org  and answer two questions about the human traits that you dislike and like the most (or least) and we'll post the results on the same page after we've reviewed all of your comments. Have fun and be completely honest about what ticks you off in other people!