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Blogging 101 - Courtesy to Fellow Red Room Authors

I posted this in comments the other day but perhaps I should have made it a regular blog because I think it's important.  I've returned to this site in an attempt to give it a second chance, but there are some problems which I feel need to be addressed and quite frankly, I'm ready to leave again.  I know there are several who will give me the old "don't let the door hit you in the ass" comment but I find it hard to believe I am the only one who has these feelings.

So here it is.  May I respectfully make a suggestion? It is very discouraging to me that there are serial bloggers here who post several times a day. While I would never impose censoring fellow writers, it seems only fair that people who blog more than once a day should make their subsequent posts part of their original daily post so that we do not have to look at their photos in 3-4 different spots on any one given glance at the home blogging page, and more importantly, that they don't knock other writers who have blogged off the page within an hour. It seems very disrespectful to fellow writers, especially when I click on the links of serial bloggers and learn that a lot of the time, they are merely reposting links to news articles written by other people. We are all internet savvy here - we can find those articles ourselves.

In the spirit of community on Red Room, please limit your posts to one per day, and if you insist on blogging throughout the day, like I suggested, simply add it to your original post and then perhaps let people know you've posted again by commenting on THEIR blog posts.  It is curious to me that when I click on most blogs, there are no comments at all, especially the serial bloggers.  This just reinforces that there is a "look at me, me, me" mentality going on here.

Please do not take this the wrong way - I am really a very nice person (most of the time), but I see a frustrating situation and I want to help fix it.  I shouldn't go to the home blogger page every single day and see the same photo 3-4 times taking up space reserved for everyone here.   And don't tell me that people aren't blogging.  They are.  But their faces are only on the home page for the aforesaid hour before the same people knock them off again.

Thank you for indulging my little rant.  But all kidding aside, I am interested to see if others here agree with me.



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I think you make a good

I think you make a good point, Robin, and state it in an even-handed way. It's something to consider. I have the same reaction from some of the four or five a day posters.

Still, who are we to say? I'm sure someone finds something objectionable about my posts.

And I hope you won't leave RedRoom or let any subsequent comments drive you out. I think it's a great forum for writers and the comments are often invaluable.

So stick around!


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fair game

Possibly adding this suggestion, too, to the mix: Comment on other blog posts if you are posting one yourself as a form of mutual support and feedback. Seems like some writers who are possibly new or excited to have a forum may be pretty enthusiastic, perhaps overboard about how much to post.

I've noticed that posting requires checking for multiple copies of the same post and removal of all but one of them to avoid duplicate posts. Has anyone else experienced that?

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Multiple posts

Christine, this is a technological problem with the site, and as with others you may have noticed, we're working on solutions. I appreciate it when anyone who notices their posts go up multiple times goes in and deletes them. We Red Room staffers do our best to clean those up as well.

As far as commenting goes, you're absolutely right. One of the ways people use Red Room is to share and promote their writing, and the best way to do that is get to know other bloggers by commenting on their posts in such a way that invites them to check out your own work.

Huntington Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room

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I don't find serial blogging

I don't find serial blogging to be a major problem. I visit Red Room daily. There are a couple bloggers I always read. There are a few I read most of the time. For the rest, it's a question of whether their topic and opening grab me. Scroll down, scroll down, get onto p. 2 (often a slight wait); and I'm off to e-mail. What's the hardship? Sure, I wonder about the people who post frequently; but I wonder about those who've vanished too.

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Well, if I was hoping my blog post would alert any of the offenders to be a little more courteous - ha ha - wrong. But I thought I would put it out there and see what happens. Chris, I appreciate your thoughts and trust me, the serial blogging won't make me leave the site, but I do wonder if it's just another online time drain for me and the jury is still out as to whether the good outweighs the bad. Hence my following reply to Christine and Huntingdon - I see very, very few people commenting on any blogs here. If I didn't have the stat counter, I wouldn't even know anyone read. In theory, it's a great idea and way to connect with other writers but frankly, Facebook and Twitter are as well and their sites are more user friendly...plus I am connecting with readers who will actually buy my books. You are all correct about duplicate posts and the slow connection, etc. Which brings me to Bob - yeah, I definitely see your point...if it didn't take so damn long for page 2 to load. I have a brand new mac laptop and use good old Comcast cable so it's not my computer - this is the only site that runs like a turtle for me. If I want to edit a blog post, it takes forever to fix and reload. So yeah, I don't want to have to scroll and wait for pages 2 and 3. I'd like to be able to visit the home page any given time, see blogs from all over the world and not four photos of the same person but maybe that's just me and I'm getting cranky in my old age? Could be. These are definitely times that test ones patience. If I hear the words "Ground Zero Mosque" one more time used by fascist right wingers in this country, I may just throw up my liberal hands, push the television out the window, and scream I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

In other news, where did you grow up in Philadelphia, Bob? I've lived here my entire life. Back when you left the area, I grew up in and was living in East Oak Lane but I was one of the Art Museum area pioneers and bought my house long before the neighborhood gentrified. So that was one smart thing I did...

Anyway, thanks for your comments. I appreciate them and will be sure to check out your respective blogs. But today is my birthday and my son is on his way over for cake, so I'm afraid that's going to take precedence.


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Robin- I grew up in West

Robin- I grew up in West Philadelphia, but went to Friends' Central at 68th & City Line. I left in '67 and, ahem, have a series of blog/reminiscences here (or links to where else they appear). Have you consiered submitting to broadstreetreview.com, one of said "where else"s? It looks for 500 - 1500 word submissions and is partial to Philly-related stuff -- and it pays!

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My son lives in West Philly now - in a big house with his band a la the old Haight-Ashbury days. I will definitely check out your blogs and thanks for the broadstreetreview.com tip - no, I did not know it existed and you may have just made my Red Room experience totally worth it after all. Yay, Red Room.

But right now I am waiting for my exciting birthday dinner of buffalo tofu wings and hand cut fries which will be followed by the aforesaid cake. Ha ha, I may be vegetarian but I still have terrible Philadelphia eating habits.

P.S. My father grew up in West Philly, too, but he's significantly older than you are. Ha! I bet you love hearing that. And I know for sure he did not go to Friends Central - he dropped out of Overbrook High to go on the road with the Buddy Rich band. xo

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Saw you debuted at Broad

Saw you debuted at Broad Street with a letter. Will keep an eye out for your further contributions. What part of West Philly is your son in? Big house? band? Sounds like Powelton Village. But times may have, as rumored, changed.

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Broad Street Review

Hi there:
Hey, thanks for pointing that out to me - too cool. I actually wrote to Dan Rottenberg and sent him a writing sample and he told me he'd love it if I'd contribute something. I am working on something now and I thank you very much for the hook-up. I also started a friendship with Perry Block, who wrote the article I loved, and he's been an interesting email buddy.

I'm not sold on Red Room but I have to admit, the networking aspect was unexpected surprise.

My son lives in a big house at 48th and Springfield with his band, Dr. Dog. They're a big indie band - this year alone they've been on Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel. This fall they'll be on the new Conan O'Brien show and George Lopez. They're playing two shows at the Fillmore in October or November - Eric adores San Francisco. Well, who doesn't? Yep, Powelton Village has changed, but there's still a violent, scary side which I try not to think about. I guess you can say that about everywhere these days, though. But a ton of hipsters live there now, there's many great restaurants and live music venues, so they are having a blast. Everyone in the house is not only a musician but an artist so they do things like make giant collages together - I'm pretty proud of my son. My daughter, too - she's Adrian Belew's bassist which is no small feat for a 24 year old. While Eric is touring the U.S. in October/November, she'll be touring Europe - she just came back from South America and Tokyo. I want my kids' lives!