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San Francisco, CA
Jan 2008

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  I have a six year-old boy named Devyn who is quite the story teller at a young age!  Working at a small hotel, I have a lot of free time to work on my short stories, poetry, and screenplay.  I have a film production certificate from City College of San Francisco, but unless you're planning on moving to Southern CA, you're pretty much out of luck if you want to make any money in that field!  I still love film, but I was a writer before I was anything.  I hope to expand my horizons here and look forward to sharing with all of you!


Rod Serling, Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosley, Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ruben Dario, Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Matheson, Edgar Allen Poe, Chuck Palahniuk, Ambrose Bierce

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untitled short, "the clown" screenplay

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Sports of all sorts, mainly the NFL, boxing and baseball, movies, video games, music of old and new, short stories, poetry, photography, wildlife, nightlife, and I love LEGO!