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Dec 2011

Robin Lim is an internationally-recognized midwife, well-known author and talented poet. Her non-profit Indonesian birthing and educational clinics have saved hundreds of lives and delivered thousands of babies over the last decade, serving the poor and medically disenfranchised citizens of Bali and, far away, in the tsunami-ravaged province of Aceh, Sumatra.  After 13 years of service and frequent financial challenges, "Ibu" (Mother) Robin and her organization remain indefatigably committed to changing the world, one gentle birth at a time.

Robin is a crusader for women and their right to have births in a healthy way that fits their cultural beliefs.  She works around the clock.  She loves humanity and gave immense comfort to those who suffered in the tsunami and watched their worlds and loved ones wash away.  She gives whatever money she can to help husbands buy their babies out of the hospital which has ransomed them if they don't have money to pay for the birth.  She's an angel to the people she works with and to us who love her.  You'd love her too!
 Robin's work: general background information

 The maternal and infant mortality rates in Indonesia are startling.   

 In 1994, traveling in Indonesia after a personal life challenge, and seeing first-hand the results of the statistics quoted above, Robin began providing health services for pregnant women and children under five for free in the area of Ubud, Bali. From the very first, no one was turned away, no matter how poor they were. Robin soon returned to the United States, and became a Certified Professional Midwife.

Returning to Bali, a full-fledged, official organization was formed: Yayasan Bumi Sehat ("Healthy Mother Earth Foundation"). Over the next decade as demand grew and knowledge of Bumi Sehat's services became widespread, others joined in to support the initiative of providing care for women and children of need. Bumi Sehat is a fully-recognized Indonesian NGO, and in 2007 was recognized as one of the most well-run NGO's in that country.

The Bumi Sehat clinics are funded entirely by private donations. The clinics' modus operandi is "respect for science, nature, and tradition. Their daily practices employ both traditional and "modern" gentle birthing methods which Robin collectively calls Wisdom Birth. The practices iinclude--among others-- waterbirthing and delayed cutting of the umbilical cord. Wisdom Birth is a nice term, she says, because the practices 1) wisely make for a safer birth and 2) tend to produce healthier, even more emotionally intelligent youngsters.*


For instance, Robin's new book, Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra, documents an increase in mother-baby bonding and the baby's better emotional health when cutting of the umbilical cord is delayed. Robin has also written other books, which are available in pdf format.

Robin's clinics do, of course, employ modern or typical medical interventions whenever necessary.

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