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American Marketing Association Omaha Chapter Awards 2012 Pinnacle to Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was a Bitch?

April 27th, 2012 → 8:32 pm @ rldonovan

Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was a Bitch? has earned a 2012 Pinnacle Award. “The Pinnacle Award is all about solid objectives that achieve results, and the judges attested to reviewing the work with lots of creativity, strategic thinking and follow through,” said Kevin Hutchison, AMA event chair.


2012 Pinnacle Award

2012 Pinnacle Award

Pinnacle awards are segmented into categories based on size and type of business. Award levels include Gold, which recognizes excellent work; Platinum, which recognizes exceptional work; and the Pinnacle, which the judges consider to be the best work in a particular category.

To ensure objective scoring, Pinnacle entries are always judged by an affiliate AMA chapter (Des Moines handles the 2012 judging). Entries are evaluated not only for their creativity, but also for their effectiveness.

It was a very exciting evening! It’s a thrill to win the coveted Pinnacle Award and receive acknowledgement of this kind! Thanks to everyone who contributed to our success!

Now let’s keep the momentum going!