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Overall,  “The Pill” written by T.D. Bayless et al and sung by Loretta Lynn, not just because the appearance of at least three chicken (hen and rooster)–related metaphors but because it was a blow to the solar-plexus at idea-dead radio music and shows the Blues Brothers’ sort of image of male-...
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We are talking basic stuff, not fancy gimmics to keep track of characters in one’s novel, insert comments from multiple people on a document and other corporate-man office suite crap.  “Software for the author-publisher” means the tools needed to word-process and pdf one’s book to the PDF/x1a...
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"Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots;" also sold as "The Woman Without a Hole"   a book of Edo period dirty senryu
I like kind and intelligent reviews, positive or negative, and dislike mean and stupid ones.  Let me try to sort them out. The only negative review of my work in Japan, from 1984 when my first book was published to 1998 when I left, turned out to be a gift.  Quoting a sentence with a high-falutin...
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Fellow Red House Authors, Visitors, please pardon my long absence from my blog (or blogs, for I am unsure where this goes). I have been working like crazy on a book titled Mad In Translation that will be the first to introduce a large sampling of the genre called kyoka, or Japanese mad poems....
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Cherry Blossom Epiphany Dedication: Could a Traditional Publisher Do This?
I would far prefer to live with people who are open, naive and humble than people who are proud, and worse yet, proud to be proud. When I say I am an author-publisher, and proud of it, I mean only that when I first published myself in 2003, I tried to hide it and succeeded well enough that some...
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