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ALVA Press Inc is delighted to announce it will be publishing The Sharon Springs Timeline: A Microcosm of American History with Dates Relating to a Remarkable Village and Neighboring Regions, 1650-2013 researched and written by Carl Waldman “Mystery Writer, Historian, and Contributor to the '...
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Banking on the Groundhog With the groundhog's promise of an early spring, two books designed to be released in the next month, a children's book to be out by June, and a fourth young adult mystery in the works, ALVA is definitely looking good in 2013. Me being a...
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Still experiencing 2012, my thoughts split at a fork. One to my business and personal life, the other to the larger world. The sun shines. I've showered, bobbed my hair, and had my coffee. Shoveled sidewalks checker the world beyond my window. And on the horizon the threat of a fiscal slope which...
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It troubles me when other eBook publishers advertise free publication of any and all eBooks they distribute--something common sense tells us simply cannot be. So how then can they make such statements? Simple. They count themselves in as a distributor, take...
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ALVA Green Tomatoes Novelist Runoff Let alvapressinc.com take your ms from ALVA Green Tomato to Great Novel! Must Have: Grabber aspect/dialogue/imagery/grammar/transitions/organization/readability. Is: YA/A Fiction. Word count 40,000-80,000. Entries accepted online in Word Document (.doc) or PDF...
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