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Walking Boston
Make the most out of the clear, crisp fall weekends with a trip to Boston. Grab a copy of Walking Boston and get to Beantown for a true taste of fall. The trees at the Arnold Arboretum are near peak, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is getting ready to celebrate its opening, and the waters of...
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The Old Manse in Concord
The Old Manse For example, in researching A Journey into the Transcendentalists’ New England, I read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book, Nature.  He wrote it while living at the Old Manse, and the book serves as one of the foundations of Transcendentalism.  Here is a key passage from the beginning of...
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Photographing Literary Landmarks One of my favorite parts of the three books I have done in the past four years is doing the photography. I have had the great fortune to photograph the Alcott’s Fruitlands farmhouse at sunrise on a cold January morning, William Butler Yeats’ Galway tower in the...
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Okay, I've been trying all day to update the "What I'm Reading" portion of my bio because I am halfway through a really fun book and want to share it.  So, here's what I had written: I'm reading Firmin by Sam Savage A literate and literary rat filled with self-loathing, naiveté, lust,...
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jumping for joy at the Albright-Knox Art Museum
Okay - I was going to begin my series on how to photograph a literary landmark today, but that will have to wait a day.  I've got news to report.  First is that the book launch party for Walking Boston is tonight at Amherst Books at 7:00 P.M..  I hope you will join us to celebrate the launching of...
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Salem Literary Festival
I want to thank the good people of Salem who came to hear me speak at the inaugural Salem Literary Festival on Saturday night.  The thoughtfullness and curiosity of the discussion made it one of the most enjoyable events I have ever done.  I met some fantastic people involved in a number of really...
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Walking Boston
I am thrilled by this recent mention of my book and book launch event by Bonnie Wells of the Amherst Bulletin.  You can see the full round-up of books by local authors at:  http://www.amherstbulletin.com/story/id/108931/   'Walking Boston' "In 1958, M.I.T. student Oliver Smoots was laid...
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Irish Photography Exhibit Poster
The exhibit of photographs from A Journey into Ireland’s Literary Revival is now up at the Borgia Gallery at Elms College.  It is on the second floor of the Doolin Campus Center.  Just turn right after you get out of the elevator.  The opening on Sunday was a pretty successful event, I think,...
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5pm Todd Felton and A Journey Into the Transcendentalists' New England at Old Town Hall, 2nd Floor This lavishly illustrated volume examines the major figures of the Transcendentalist movement and explores the places that inspired them. Chapters spotlight Cambridge (Emerson) and Walden (Thoreau),...
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shoreline south of Chatham
I finished my work sooner than expected yesterday and so was able to join my wife and a <!--break-->friend of hers (and seven kids) at Chatham's Lighthouse beach in the late afternoon.  While the kids were happily playing in the waves and digging tunnels for the encroaching tide, I went for a...
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Walking Boston.jpg
Last week, my two sons ran screaming into the house because they had seen the UPS truck in our driveway upon returning from a friend's house.  No, it was not a new Wii game for their birthdays<!--break--> or new school shoes their mother ordered online.  It was a box of books -- a box of my...
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Concord Signs
I am finally getting to start a project that I have had in mind since I started my first book, A Journey into the Transcendentalists' New England.  As I wrote this book, I envisioned a set of lesson plans designed to help teachers introduce students to transcendentalism using the book. Certainly,...
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Poetry in the Garden at the Emily Dickinson Museum
I want to start by thanking all of you for coming out on a lovely Sunday afternoon to spend some time with me. I would also like to thank Nan Fischlein and the Emily Dickinson Museum for asking me here today. It is an extraordinary honor for me to be a part of the series, especially when I look...
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Poetry in the Garden Event at the Emily Dickinson Museum
  This past Sunday, I had the extreme honor of speaking at the Emily Dickinson museum as part of their "Poetry in the Garden" series. I will soon be uploading the text of that talk, but in the meantime, here's one response to the event.  An audience member, Steve Fratoni, not only took...
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By the time I am writing this, the skies overhead are a denim blue, the far hills have moved though their evening purple mountains majesty and are now simple a dark grey smudge at the far end of the lake.  The waters of the lake, whipped during the day by strong winds, are gradually subsiding to...
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