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My Kingdom for a Camera

So it has come to this.  My publisher has asked for two short video clips to help promote A Journey into the Transcendentalists' New England and A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival.  Although I feel very comfortable in front of groups of people and have even done a fair amount of amateur acting, turn on a camera and out comes the Tin Man!  So, I'm thinking an animated slide show with music and a voice over would be much better (and easier on the eyes) as opposed to film of me droning on in front of Emily Dickinson's Homestead.  I am thinking of doing it with Powerpoint but that may be slightly beyond my technical skills.  I've watched the other travel videos here on Red Room and most seem to be the work of professionals.  So, I ask:


What video/presentations have worked for you?  What do you like to see in an author Youtube clip?

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Making Powerpoint work is all about the voice over

Hello Robert,

This may not be the exact type of comment that you want but when I was working as an attorney I had success with Powerpoint. The thing about Powerpoint is that the slides are only the beginning and you still have to act do a great voice over to make the story of your presentation work.

All the best,

Abe Mertens, redroom.com

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Where's Orson Welles when I need him?

Abe -

 Thanks for the comment.  I agree.  As with any presentation, whether live or online, droning on in a monotone is a surefire way to fail.  That's why, as a teacher, I almost never lectured but operated almost entirely by Socratic method.  Although this frustrated my students at times, it was much better than facing that glazed look in their eyes.  I think the difference here will be pacing the text to the images and music.

robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com