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Chasing Frisbees in the Sky
Unti at Mill Pond

Rest In Peace, Unti

 She was a great dog, and we were luck to share twelve wonderful years with her playing fetch, hiking, swimming at the beach, and just lying around home.   We will miss her terribly.

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Heartfelt condolences,

Heartfelt condolences, Robert. No one who's been there can say: "It was only a dog." They're so vital and individual, with so much character and spirit - they teach us so much - they're bound to be waiting for us in the Great Beyond.


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Heartfelt thanks

Rosy -

Thank you for the kind words.  You hit it right on the head about teaching us.  Our dog taught us so much about what it meant to be a parent (we had here one year before our oldest was born).  She also gave so much, holding out for another week when we were not ready for her to go). 

 I can only hope for her that she is enjoying an afterlife she very much deserves for her good deeds here in this life.


robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com