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A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival


Room 1440 Doyle Library
Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa Campus
1501 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 527-4391

Parking Fee is $3.00.

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Jul.20.2009 - 12:30 pm
The Old Manse in Concord - just one of the stops I will profile on the tour
Okay - I'm jumping off into the world of multimedia by recording an audio tour of Transcendentalist Concord.  I will be recording narration for the North Bridge, the Old Manse,...
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Jun.29.2009 - 11:37 am
I am becoming increasingly interested in audio tours that can be downloaded and brought with on an iPod, cell phone, or GPS unit. I remember one my dad had of the section of I80...
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Jun.01.2009 - 7:12 am
BEA RECAP For those outside the book publishing world, Book Expo of America (BEA) is the annual gathering of book publishers, book sellers, librarians, authors, editors, and...
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May.16.2009 - 2:57 pm
Academic Ambassadors is a wonderful service for academics and non-profit traveling professionals.  For more information, read this article at www.wanderingeducators.com.
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Comments from Robert

May.16.2009 - 9:37 pm
In response to: Hit the Road With Academic Ambassadors
robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com
Apr.07.2009 - 7:17 pm
In response to: 40th Birthday Thoughts
Kunzang,   Thank you -- my paths have been that way so far, so I hope for the good fortune and will bring the joy...
Apr.07.2009 - 7:15 pm
In response to: 40th Birthday Thoughts
Luciana - thanks -- a truly Transcendentalist sentiment.  Perfect for me.   robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com
Apr.07.2009 - 7:13 pm
In response to: 40th Birthday Thoughts
Kate - Thanks for the birthday wishes, I'm feeling more pixelized each day...  robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com
Mar.24.2009 - 11:18 am
In response to: The Greening of New England
robert todd felton www.rtoddfelton.com

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A Journey intto the Transcendentalists' New England
Published by Getlostbooks.com
This is an intriguing addition to the ever growing genre of literary guidebooks. It comes as part of a new series that includes Dorothy Parker’s New York and Steinbeck’s...