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Message today : "We regret to inform that ___ Books, San Jose, CA will be closing (or sold) within the coming months. We have 9 copies of Heavenly Sex and 6 of Rosicrucian in the Basement on consignment. Can you have them picked up - otherwise they may be subject to donation or disposal. Thank...
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Now into my 5th day without coffee. At the same time consulting an acupuncturist who is also a licensed medical doctor. "Try going without coffee for two weeks, see if it helps..." he says. Practical advice for a medical condition that may be aggravated by caffeine consumption. Currently...
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Preparing to give up coffee addiction, now into my 4th day without COFFEE, visit acupuncturist. I leave feeling calmer, a little more mindful and anxiety free.  Home to "once more" tackle my room, do justice to my new MacBook. Coffee, anxiety, disorder, they seem to go together. And some...
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Charles Bukowski
Long interested in the nature of writers' friendship. My personal experiences have been mixed, to say the least. Lived in Canada for 14 years and got to know Al Purdy, well-known north of the border, little known in the U.S. If there's any Canadian poet who bears a resemblence to Bukowski, Al Purdy...
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Mike Neff, Robert Sward, iPhone photo by Doug Lawson
  Mike Neff and Robert Sward, iPhone photo by Doug Lawson.  Last night for the first time since the 2001 Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Palm Springs, I connect with two East Coast friends, Mike Neff of Web Del Sol and Doug Lawson of Blue Moon Review. Both, it turns out, are newly...
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Sailor, Korean War, 1951 - Robert Sward
Overlapped in the 1960s at the MacDowell Colony with Richard Yates, author of Revolutionary Road. In The New Yorker, Dec. 15, 2008, there's a feature on Yates and new movie based on novel... with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. That prompts this blog... James Wood's feature, "Like Men...
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Sailor, .JPG, Korean War, Robert Sward
ON MY WAY TO THE KOREAN WAR… —For President Dwight Eisenhower   On my way to the Korean War, I never got there. One summer afternoon in 1952, I stood instead in the bow of the Attack Transport Menard, with an invading force of 2,000 battle-ready Marines, watching the sun go down. Whales and...
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"Seventy-five," he says. "That's a good number." He's in his 60s. What do you mean, "a good number?" "Seventy-five is a passing grade. If you make it to 100 you get an A." * Apropos of nothing she says: "End of show. Lights up. That's it."  *  M is...
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How did the world begin? What is the address of the beginning? * * * All existence is God. God's presence fills the entire world. definition is spiritual idolatry. * * * Prayer - it's a good thing. It gives you an edge. But God doesn't answer prayers. * * * "You're prolific. How about a...
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Writers Friendship robert sward
Working off my "other" home page, http://www.robertsward.com, there's 1) Dr. Sward's Cure for Melancholia (Dr. Sward being my father, not me)    http://drswardscureformelancholia.blogspot.com/    and then there's 2) THIS Red Room "where the writers are" community,   and then...
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Once more, what might otherwise go into The Journal goes instead into The Blog. Key Words... continue to find 'em a convenient way to keep track of entries… sample follows… Random stuff, but if I ever want 'em, I can find 'em.  BTW, I make no claim to this stuff being original. The wisdom of...
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What a disaster! Wanting a change (of venue) following election week TV, we head for Santa Cruz' Del Mar to see RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. It's Nov. 7, Opening Night. Theater less than half full and, soon, as folks trickle out, less and less and less... reviews (those we saw) were favorable. Awful,...
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Evanescene. Doty writes movingly, beyond movingly... about the death of his partner, Wally, from AIDS. "How can you hide, wrote Heraclitus, from what never goes away? Death is always present..." "The physical reinvention of the world is endless, relentless, fascinating, exhaustive;...
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Dog Years cover art
I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting in picking up a copy of Mark Doty's DOG YEARS. I'm writing about dogs, writing in the voice of dogs, Shelby (my daughter's dog) in particular. I liked the cover, warm, welcoming image of a golden retriever. And then page 1, "No dog ever said a word,...
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Diane Johnson, author
Diane Johnson’s Lulu in Marrakech, A Novel - published by Dutton I’m a long-time fan. I’ve read Diane Johnson’s Le Divorce, Le Marriage, L’Affaire… and now her latest, Lulu in Marrakech. How many heroines are named Lulu? And work for the CIA? Briefly, and I’m quoting the publisher, “Diane Johnson...
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