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"the irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father-son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day." -Robyn Sarah, Globe & Mail, Canada.
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He calls 'em "Flash videos."

Conversation with Blue's Cruzio Cafe's J.J. Webb who posted three of my poems, "Uncle Dog," "Clancy the Dog," and "Shelby the Dog" --dog and/or human voices with accompanying animations--on

Blue's Cruzio Cafe - The Green Room - Poetry, Animations

Sharing space in the Green Room are some friends, Mort Marcus, Jack Foley, Ellen Bass, William Minor and others, all of us performing (i.e., reading aloud) through avatar representations of ourselves, virtual Ellen Bass, virtual Jack Foley, virtual Robert Sward...

For more on digital representations, see Bruce Damer's book "Avatars!" (Peachpit Press, Berkeley, CA), 'the ultimate guide to the digital self in cyberspace,' said Mark Pesce in 1998.

It's uncanny. I can't write a poem these days unless I can "hear" the voice of the imagined speaker or persona--whether it be a family member like my father and/or an animal. With "Shelby the Dog," it's as if Shelby, a border collie and chow mix, is speaking the words himself. I have to hear the voice before I can write the poem. No voice, no poem!

As for the Cafe, it's attracted thousands of visitors, J.J. says. Anyway, thanks to our friend for the hours, days, weeks, months he spent mastering and experimenting with the software that makes the animation possible and then coordinating the voice of the human speaker and his/her poems with the animation, the "flash" itself. See for yourself!

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