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Lady Gaga
"...fierce, new-minted and convincing... he has a voice and a range." --NY Times Book Review on Kissing the Dancer.
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Blog is an extension of what I used to transcribe pen and ink into a hardcopy journal and/or writer's scrapbook. Blog is better, in part because it makes it easier to retrieve pastings from days, weeks, months, years ago... stories, images and info I may need later and need quickly... so what I might have clipped from Sun., Dec. 27 NY Times, the Style Section, I now save in this blog... Lady Gaga is as modern as a video gamer's creation, says the Times

"Although Andy Warhol died just a year after Stefani Germanotta came into the world, and decades before Lady Gaga was willed into being, he was correct as usual in forecasting a time when there would be 'new categories of people' being 'put up there' as stars. These people, he wrote in "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)" would be made up of parts. And their fans, freed from the obligation to idolize a "whole person" could choose which dimension of a star they wanted to love. Lady Gaga is rigged for that stardom: her persona is an amalgam of surfaces, faceted though not truly 3-D, addictive in a way video games are.

"Like an emissary from a parallel world familiar to Second Life types, she is a real-life avatar..."