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James Carl Aschbacher*, Santa Cruz artist
The irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father and son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day. -Globe & Mail, Toronto
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Chance Encounter, dogs

Santa Cruz. Meet today with my friend Jim Aschbacher to discuss a collaboration, i.e., Jim’s art work in association with my work in progress, The Dogs in My Life. Sample attached, “Chance Encounter.”

Discuss possibilities of cover art. No inbred dogs need apply! My “Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9” Chicago garbage man’s dog sets the standard. No poodles, no lap dogs. We’re looking for a mutt, a Chicago blue collar workingman’s dog. Jim and I both are from Chicago

What makes one man trust another? Alongwith everything else, turns out both our fathers worked with their hands, Jim’s dad a contractor, mine a podiatrist. My father always annoyed that the physicians he knew regarded podiatry as something of a blue collar profession.  In their view they were the professional men and those who worked with their hands (including podiatrists) could only aspire to that status. Both our dads were highly independent, both prided themselves on the fact they worked for themselves, not some corporation or manager who could fire them for no reason.

Visit Jim’s website. Who is this guy?

"James Carl Aschbacher* is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Santa Cruz, CA. He developed the technique of texturing wood and illustration board with multiple layers of enamel paint, on which his images are drawn and colored with acrylics. Each painting has a wooden frame that has been hand-painted with mystical symbols. His work is in numerous national and international collections and he has recently been listed in Who's Who In America. In 2005, he received a Gail Rich Award, along with his wife, Lisa Jensen, for their contributions to the Santa Cruz arts community. Aschbacher says, "Art is a chance to make magic."