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In Celebration, Ambit at Angels Gate Cultural Center, May 19
"The irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father and son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day. Globe & Mail, Toronto.
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Ambit Cover, issue #168

Planning trip to L.A. to coincide with "Celebration of Ambit," 7 PM, Tues., May 19, at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro... readers to include Gerald Locklin, Lance Lee, Fred Voss, Joan Jobe Smith, Geoff Nicholson, Patricia Cherin... AMBIT being, as mentioned earlier, "one of Britain's leading literary magazines." AMBIT in existence over 40 years... as physician and editor / publisher, Dr. Martin Bax has an enviable level of independence. In my experience over the years (1950s to the present) as editor and contributor to at least a hundred hard copy literary journals, those with longevity are often, for financial reasons, tied to a university or other institution and, likely, a "board" of advisors of some kind... fine! as one of the editors of EPOCH Magazine at Cornell in the mid-1960s, it seemed to me the arrangement was actually a good thing... but it's interesting to see what happens when one individual, largely independent and without obligation to do this or that, follows his or her own lead and does so, beholden to no one, for over 40 years. Martin, like many of his contributors (writers and / or visual artists) is able to pursue a vision, quirky though it may seem, well outside the literary mainstream...