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Goodwill Buddha, Goodwill Hunting,
The irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father-son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day. -Robyn Sarah, Globe & Mail, Toronto.
Goodwill Buddha

On Front Street, next door to Santa Cruz' Museum of Art and History (MAH), directly across from Trader Joe's, is a secondhand store, well, it's like a Goodwill gone to seed.  Old clothes, bric a brac... but on occasion they display ill-shapened Buddhas in the front window. At one level it's like a pet store with initially appealing but something-off-with-them creatures in the window and you wanna go inside and rescue 'em all. And that's what I'm thinking when I walk in,  rescue Buddha... bring one home. And then don't. I'm still lookin'. Goodwill hunting.

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Ha. Classic quandary when

Ha. Classic quandary when rescuing pets from animal shelters, but I've never seen it applied to ill-shaped Buddhas. At least it wouldn't chew the rugs.

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Missed opportunity to buy 'em earlier (got there too late), couldn't get ill-shaped Buddhas out of my mind. Then... well, up close they were a disappointment. Thanks for comment...