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The irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father and son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day. -Globe & Mail, Toronto
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Esalen sends invite for proposal to teach "A Weekend Workshop: Autobiography for Poets, Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers." Now retired, completing new book of poems, working off and on as consultant, editing mainly… find I’m eager again to teach, it’s a passion… Analogy? It’s a little like being a grandfather, eager to spend time with “the kids,” and to be there with them for a weekend, say, with them with one’s whole heart… it’s a gift, “the kids…” and then to bow out, re-charge and visit again…

Truth is, I was a little burned out after 40 plus years of teaching… Cornell, Iowa, UC Santa Cruz… Foothill College, DeAnza, Cabrillo… worst of it was the adjunct, freeway flyer thing, but ready now to go back.  A weekend here, a weekend there…

Months before I start, I can’t help myself… I’m preparing…

Practical instruction in the techniques of autobiography for both experienced and beginning writers.
Topics to include:
Use of dialogue & natural storytelling voice, using audio/visual elements for interviews, methods of organizing…

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I've read your work and the participants would be lucky to have you as their teacher. And yes, teaching is so much more fun when it's a "sometime thing." Best.