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Ceramics Monthly, Coeleen Kiebert
"The irrepressible aliveness and weird wisdom of the father-son series should win it a lasting place in the literature of our day." --Robyn Sarah, Globe & Mail, Toronto.
Coeleen Kiebert ceramics

Author of the just-published Ceramics Monthly article, “Inspiration Made Manifest: Coeleen Kiebert,” (March, 2009), I’m in what Ms. Kiebert, a well-known teacher and artist, calls the “Assimilation” stage, reflecting on the experience of having written it, reading it over, becoming now more objective and critical. Following publication, there’s something more that needs to happen.

I’ve sat in on Coeleen’s UC Santa Cruz Art and Spirit classes and reflected on what she has to say about the Creative Process. In her view there are 5 stages, beginning with 1) making one’s Statement of Intention, “opening the door,” invocating the muse and making up one’s mind to show up, pay attention and making the commitment, “I am going to… I want to…” I remember what it was that prompted me to undertake this work and I carry that with me, I commit to an idea and create the necessary space in my life so that it can “come into fruition.” I’m using Ms. Kiebert's language.

And then one has to protect that space. Not answering email, not returning phone calls… finding the balance, what’s right for you. “The first stage of the process, Statement of Intention, always challenges my priorities and commitment, over and over again,” Coeleen says.

[stages #2 (Gathering), #3 (Explosion), #4 (Assimilation), and #5 (Cognition) to come…]


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