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Book Launch / Red Hen Press, "New & Selected Poems, 1957-2011"
"...fierce, new-minted and convincing... he has a voice and a range." --New York Times Book Review on Kissing The Dancer (Cornell University Press).
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Possible Cover Art

Just learned publication date (Sept. 1, 2011) of new book with Red Hen Press. Thanks to Kate Gale and Mark Cull! And, with partner Gloria Alford, jotting down ideas for Book Launch and Reception for "New & Selected Poems, 1957-2011" in conjunction with opening of Gloria's major retrospective... the question is, Should she delay her March/April 2011 reception, etc., so both events (her retrospective and my book launch, itself something of a retrospective!) can happen at the same time?  

Possible cover art (Gloria's painting "Words Words Words")... still under consideration...