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My Short Life as a Zombie
My Short Life as a Zombie

Chapter 1



6 pm

The evening air smelt of decay and bodily fluids. The city of Chicago had become a war zone and within 12 hours the world had fallen into chaos to a virus of unknown origin. The buildings of Michigan Avenue screamed with fire and the sound of voices of helpless people trying to escape there building and other creature crawling the streets. A television news helicopter flew overhead as a military convoy marched down Canal Street and stop just before crossing the main bridge crossing the river the mass of military forces covered every bridge that led into the main city streets. Without warn several explosions shook the ground as concrete and steel fell into the river cutting off the downtown area from the surrounding streets. The reporter in the helicopter, her face show a surprised expression and then look away from the nightmare as the explosions were set off with no concern for life around the bridges.


With thunder noise the city shook as the remaining bridges over the Chicago River fell into the cold water. The hours after that were lost in the mist of war against the smallest of evil. Each second another human would succumb to the virus either by direct contact as the virus could live outside the body for approximately 10 minutes, the other way had not become appearent but a few reports had mentioned the infect bite the uninfected. Doesn’t sound like a lot but in a world populatebyhumans that find safety in number it shapes our survival? By the 4 hour of the day the virus had retreat to direct contact infection only, this was a good thing depending on how you thought about it. There weren’t that many uninfected people to infect through fluid exchange, but the other way had grow ten fold as the population had folded onto itself as the dead out number the living ten to one. The world was now a game of wits and strength, and only a few had the knowledge to survive.

In the beginning!


Where am I? Why can’t I see, hear or speak? I know I’m alive because I’m thinking conscious thoughts and I can move. Oh shit I can’t feel anything ether. What’s going on? Maybe I should stay still I might have been injured. Wait I remember now!

He was trapped in darkness as if he was dreaming or in someone else’s body. He stay still even through he had an incredible urge to move his arms and legs. He had no idea were his body laid, just the desire to cry for help and no way to do it.

I know, I was at work and people started running out of their cubicles screaming for everyone to look out the windows.I heard a few f them commenting on why the military and police where starting to close off Adams. I remember Valerie standing over the shoulder of Jeff watching the new report being broadcast over the Internet. CNN had broadcasted earliertoday to an outbreak in Atlanta, China, certain parts of Europe had become a world concern and that the government had a press conference at 12 noon today which would be broadcast on every media control areas.