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My Short Life as a Zombie #6 of 7



12:30 PM, lunch in Greek town.


Let see I remember, wait. Valerie and I went to lunch. Oh man I’m starving.


We walked over the overpass over highway I-90. I remember the highway going into the city was empty and the highway going out was stuffed with cars moving about fifteen miles per hour. Valerie wore a red pee coat with matching gloves. She walked stead as she talked about how much she loved crime TV shows, like CSI and Criminal Minds. Two Unmarked squad cars past one had a prisoner in the back trashing around as it passed I could see the glass turn red as his face mashed against the glass. The squad car pulled over to the corner as both police officers jumped from the vehicle. I couldn’t see what had happen but I could hear them yelling at each other to stay back from the car. All this time Valerie had stopped talking about CSI and how lasts night show was one of the best she’d seen. My mind had caught up to her conversation before she notices I was listening to her. We walked for another half a block before get to the Greek Town Grill on the corner of Halsted and Jackson. The place had about six people seating in it and two at the counter ordering food. At the time, I hadn’t thought about how crazy the situation was going on all around us. The amount of people unaware of the dangers coming their way had been astonishing. I order a cheeseburger to be more specific the big burger plain with cheese, fries and a pop. She smiled and order a gyro with a cup of water then turned to me and said-have you ever had one here. I replied, No never. She touched my hand and asked, why? I hate veggies and I rarely take chance with my food, I told her. She laughed and looked surprised by my answer. By this time we were sitting at a table next to the large windows of the grill, half the people in the place had received phone calls and rush out as we ate our lunch.


Now that I looked back at the scene, it should have tipped me off that something was happening, something strange had happen in the city. We sat for another thirty minutes talking about movie, art and what we hated about work and gossip about people at the office. I could see her she and playing with her hair as she listened to me rant on about how I dreamt of become an artist, a real artist that had gallery openings and said witty remarks about cultural indifferences. In the end, I helped her with coat and as she turned–she said, thank you Bobbie. She looked at and tilled her head slight to the left and smiled. I know I had to ask her then or I would never ask. Do you have a boyfriend or are you seeing someone. Knowing that she was single all along. She smiled and said, no why? I fumbled with my words before saying - Oh no reason. Just then a few people ran pasted the window pane, one screaming for the police, then another ran pasted grunting and mumbling incoherently as he rush into the intersection only to get hit by oncoming traffic. I stood there with my mouth open as I searched for my phone only to realize that I had left it at the office. Valerie pulled her cell phone from her pocket and manger to dial nine, one, one, I could hear the tone, before she said with a surprised look– it’s busy. Valerie looked at me as if she needed something, something, or someone to rescue her. Let’s go, we needed to get back to the office and then get out of the city. I love these kinds of situation it always was my time to shine, and to take charge. We walked quickly down Halsted to Adams Street; we passed the overpass and then passed Saint Patrick’s Church. She stayed close to me as our eyes scanned the streets around us then back to each other. She smiled at me once again trying to comfort me. I thought about what type of person would try to comfort another person when she herself feared so much.


Just then, we saw a small women, she looked about twenty-four years old. Her skin had a brownish pastel look to it, which I had never seen. She walked holding two bags of groceries that she could barely hold up. Valerie seen her and moved behind me as I tried to muster up the courage to move forward. She walked only four feet in front of us and had no knowledge that we trailed her. With surprising quickness she fell to the concrete as a bottle in one of the plastic bag shattered. She laid flat to the ground for a second then she rolled to one side to lift herself off the ground. I suddenly left Valerie to help her to her feet, she had firm grip on the two plastic grocery bag as her rubbery legs bounced around like a new born baby horse trying to walk for the first time. I now faced her as I grabbed her by the shoulders as I steadied her stance. She was a tiny Indian girl who at the time I had not noticed was bleed from her left arm. I stepped back from her as Valerie moved closer to us from behind the baby horse. I could feel Valerie’s curiosity and I moved to the side as she moved even closer, when with a sudden again of balance the tiny Indian woman lunged forward. I pushed Valerie to the side as my arm stretched outward the tiny Indian woman’s teeth sliced through my bare wrist.  The tiny Indian woman fell to the ground again and Valerie pulled me from the area towards the office. We stopped at the corner were Valerie looked at my wrist. Wow, crazy little baby horse almost took your wrist. I said with a smile. She didn’t smile back as she replied – She would have gotten your thumb if she had been able stand on those wiggly legs.


We left the tiny woman there on the ground still attempting to figure out how to stand. By this time the bleeding was minimal and I’d managed to pull my thermal shirt I was wearing over the bite and held it tight with my other hand to stop the bleeding. We stopped by the door as I thought about the past few minute that had gone by. She immediately started push the code into the number pad to buzz us into the building. I could hear some commotion on the third floor and then a scream from across the street. A sudden rush of fear overwhelmed me as I heard footsteps coming down the stairwell. With one motion I pushed Valerie to the corner of the enclosure of the front entrance, and make the official sign of quiet. My fore finger stayed pressed again my mouth as a person ran from the stairwell then through the front door. She wore only one UGG boot on and her pants were slightly torn in the back. Valerie pointed to go up with her finger and said she needed to go up to the office, I told her no. That we need to leave now! I try to control my voice. She started to cry and said that she had to get something before leaving. I said the only thing you can tell a cry beautiful woman, lets rock n roll then! We wait for the Troll-vator patiently, she moved into the steel cabin. Then just as I started to enter she said–no its better if you stay here and watch the door’ I’ll be back in five minutes. I grabbed her hand and thought about what she said, then agreed with it. Before closer the steel sliding door I asked her to get my cell phone and my Parker pen on my desk. She smiled and nodded her head in a motion to say – OK.


The troll-vator started to more upward, it was then that I realized the woman that ran out of the build was the same girl that I had seen this morning with the UGG boots and The Northface full length coat. I ran to the front door to see if she was still running down the street. Two minutes had passed as I looked at my watch. I started to sweat in the entrance hallway so I took off my coat and loosened my tie. I took a second look and three minutes had passed, I started to heat up as I placed my hand to my forehead. A sudden wave of nausea came over me as I reached for the front door and walked through to the outside.


My eyes are open, they have always been open, shit I can kind of see how. What is going on, it’s so hard to move I still cannot feel anything. I just have to move one leg at a time, but first I’ll use these numb sticks called arm for leverage. Ok, here goes nothing if can just pull my leg under me and get my knees to bend. There we go, one knee ok now for the other one, good. Now if I can just sit upright, wow! shit back on my ass! Well at least I’m sitting up and I think I’m leaning u against a car bumper. I guess I’ll wait until my sight comes back completely, until then lets see if I can remember how I got here on the street.


Ok I walked outside ready to puck my guts out and without my coat because I was fucking burning up. I take it I have the virus but how I’m so careful. I mean I wash my hand contently and I never drink out of anyone’s cup. I avoid Gene, who had just about fucking died at the front door. I look at the sky as four helicopter flew over my head then puck as my head came back down. Oh fuck, big burger with fries. My eye were closed tight as the watery bile burn my throat. I couldn’t tell if I had hunch over or had my elbow on my knees. My eyes shot open as I felt a shooting pain through my spine. The sudden pain helped me to focus on the ground in front of me. There I could see one UGG boot and one small foot wearing a Mickey Mouse sock. I stood up straight and there she stood the bitch that ran across the street and just minutes ago out of the building. She stared at me, as I had to have been a couple inches taller than her. This didn’t matter as she jumped up and rested her fucking UGG boot in my crouch and grabbed hold of my left ear with her tiny hand. Her teeth sunk into the right side of my neck. By this time it took every bit of strength to pull her away from me and throw her into the street. She landed on her back screaming and what I thought was growling.  Without hesitation she popped her head up then jumped to her feet. My eyes became wide as I knew I would have to defend myself once again. At that moment I heard the thump of her body being through across the street then into a no parking sign severing her head from her body. I smiled and said– should have waited for the sign to walk bitch.