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One Of The All Time Best Horror Novels.
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The Hellbound Heart

This book, that was made into the legendary "Hellraiser", is an incredible read. I love the movie, but have to say after reading the book, it's now a toss up as to which I enjoyed more. Darkness, pleasure and pain, and LOTS of blood flow from these pages. I feel a bit silly mentioning anything about Barker's prose style or how great he can craft a tale, because really, I think we all know that by this point in time. If you want to get creeped out late at night, there in your bed with just that small reading light on, the only sound the wind outside your window, then this IS the book for you. And if you're a fan of the movie that gave us Pinhead and The Cenobites, you owe it to yourself to read the source material. ... and Jesus wept.

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Another good book! worth reading.

Check out the book, "Adult Bedtime Stories,"By Johnie R. Pullum. Six eerie tales from the past, present and the frightening future.

A Description Of The Stories
Written by J.R. Pullum

A man fights for his life in a neighborhood under siege after a second, and more devastating terrorist attack on New York City! In the story titled, “The Pessimist,” neighborhood thugs run amok in a city already crippled. Plenty of heart pounding action and suspense!
In a similar situation, what would you do?!

In a mythical, medieval kingdom, a special horse is sent on a perilous journey to deliver a gift for a friend. In the story titled, “The Delivery,” you, the reader, can almost feel the heat of the battles for survival to accomplish the task. Even to the death! Experience the greetings that await the messenger and the shocking true identity, of just who, or what he really is!

A greedy cow is in for a mouth watering treat that she will never forget! In the story titled, “Field Of Dreams,” you can almost feel the gut wrenching pain of greed!
The conclusion of this story will leave you in awe!

After the savage murders of her family by neighborhood, drug dealing, hit men, a young woman seeks justice. Sometimes to defeat evil, you have to enlist the aid of another kind of evil! In the story titled, “Voodoo Dawn,” a woman seeks the help of an attractive and powerful female entity to avenge her family’s deaths. Voodoo Dawn will keep you on the edge of your seat (or pillow), with mind boggling violence and suspense!
The ending will just blow you away!

After obtaining a corporeal body, the female entity is back with a vengeance! In the story titled, “Voodoo Dawn Part Two (Wrath Of The Voodoo Queen),” the beautiful, but deadly female spirit goes on a rampage of murder and mayhem! The invincible voodoo queens takes on gangsters, drug dealers, rapist, and other neighborhood scum, with violent and murderous fury!

With an entire town facing imminent destruction, a religious fanatic tempts fate by testing almighty God; only to learn a blistering, hot lesson! In the story titled, “The optimist,” you can almost feel the hot flames of fire roaring at your back!
The ending will leave you questioning your religion!