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We Happen

Why do you think I hold you down
On your gloomy days?
Why do you always give up on me
When I lose my way?
Because, when there’s a contrast, we happen!

And I held on to a contrast that was pretty similar to being second best,
Got surpassed and beaten down only by an emotion I couldn’t access,
When you wanted to answer that question, I didn’t have the guts to ask it
Because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed, but an open heart does get misread
And misled into a spearhead for falling head over heels and now you just bleed red,
She just doesn’t dread yet, the tears you shed over the letters you’ve sent and she shred,
He said, she said I’m just a glorious shit-head, and if I could just flip the pages ahead
Miss a few chapters and skip right to the end, I would, and if I wasn’t feeling this good,
Then I know you’d ruin it, just to say you misunderstood,
Because every time there’s an argument, we happen!
Because there are burnt bridges, when we happened!
Because there’s some love lost, we still happen!
Because there are consequences, we’ll happen once more!
I say it’s magic, when we happen, you think it’s kind of tragic
That we only happen when we’re at the end of our rope,
Yeah, because we both caught the same bull by the horn
We roped each other in, in our own little rodeo,
But when we happen, it’s nothing like Juliette and Romeo,
When we happen, in one day, we could build another Rome
When we happen, we calm thunder storms
And just because we can blacken each others thoughts, we happen more often than before
Because we know we’ll have to happen like there’s no tomorrow,
Now and forever and ever and now even more than really ever, we’ll really happen
Because we don’t know what will happen without one another, so we happen!

Why do you think I don’t give up
Until I see you smiling
Why do you bring me down
Until I feel like I’m dying
Because, there’s always contrast, we happen!