where the writers are
I want to be your smile

Right now, I’m totally frozen,
So it may still take a little while longer
For that brief smile to come,
Maybe it will appear from out of nowhere,
I have one hidden up my sleeve somewhere
But it wouldn’t compare
With the one you have to spare,
Let me see if you have dimples
Just smile at me, it’s that simple
I’ll use it as my bat symbol

Footloose and fancy free I stay put and feel out of place,
Staring at an ‘out of use’ sign I reroute into outer space
And spray my own face with mace, just in case
I decide to chase a distant smile for a warm embrace
Dealing with my emotions is kinda hard
That’s why I kinda mime I’m a dynamite
When you light my fuse don’t hold on too tight,
I might detonate in writing useless rhymes
Using the same word a hundred thousand times,
Till carpal tunnel syndrome stops me,
Like knockout drops my emotions knock out
Writer’s block, knock, knock…who’s there?
A mastermind behind a combination lock
Lost my medication at five o’clock
Stopped taking them two days ago,
Now I’m dressed as a sheep hopping over a fence
In suspense till I fall asleep I’ma burn incense
My sixth sense tells me there’s a fifty/fifty chance
That you’ll smile at me today