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Co-authored with Michaela Paasche Grudin Boccaccio's Decameron and the Ciceronian Renaissance is a path-breaking study of a timeless masterpiece. Based on new readings of Cicero's late works, De legibus, De re publica, and De officiis, Michaela Paasche Grudin and Robert Grudin show that Ciceronian social thought provided Boccaccio with the basis for a radical reconsideration of...
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“If good design tells the truth,” writes Robert Grudin in this path-breaking book on esthetics and authority, “poor design  tells a lie,  a lie usually related . . . to the  getting or  abusing of power.” From the ornate cathedrals of Renaissance Europe to the much-maligned Ford Edsel of the late 1950s, all products of human design communicate much more...
Defining vulgarity as any action that is at once ignorant, popular and harmful, American Vulgar runs the gamut of American culture from Fast Foods to NPR, exploring the ways in which public taste is debased for profit.
On Dialogue states and supports the thesis that dialogue and dialogic thinking are the most radical forms of free thought.
Penguin cover, 1993
Adam Snell, English Professor at the University of Washagon, has disappeared, and somebody is trying to destroy the extant copies of his book.
The Grace of Great Things is an independent take on the nature of creative action, from inspiration to societal impact. It has received special attention for its study of the relationship between creativity and ethics.
Three hundred sixty-six meditations on time. Called "a classic" by Richard Selzer, Time & the Art of Living has been widely referenced. It was 25 years in print and sold c. 100,000 copies. Rights will revert to the author some time in 2008.
Analyzes Shakespeare's persistent use of contraries in the light of Renaissance continental philosophy. Special attention to Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, the Problem Plays, the great tragedies and The Tempest.
A blockbuster adventure tale in the tradition of Rabelais, Cervantes and Swift.