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Poem resubmitted

Apostasia Advises her Queen on Piety

In all things follow god;

Weave into linen the form of scarabaeus sacer,
Trace in the sand, wide-pupiled, the udjat of ra,
In thy ablutions, imitate the cleansing river,
In thy observances, the dread precision of stars;
Shine bounty upon thy subjects,
Be a sister to thy friends, a friend to thy sisters,
Follow thy lord meekly in sober procession,
Make thy testament of faith,
Renounce all pride before the altar of thoth, restorer of horus,
Tremble in the grace of the two-headed sun.

But when the moon is full
And the stewards bolt the doors of the feasting-hall
And the wise hand tunes the lyre to the lydian,
Then drink till thy blood answers the drummer,
Leap to the dancing-floor with loosened bodice,
Dance till your breasts glisten in the torchlight,
Figure the music with limbs like lambent flame,
And when the cadence falls and the musicians nod,
Clap thou thine arms around thy lover's neck
And take his gift in fullness on the couch in the shadows.

For as we are ecstatic in our faith
So we are pious in our ecstasies.