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Design and Culture: a New Manuscript

For the convenience of interested agents and publishers, I have made available an introduction to my latest manuscript, Design and Culture, at http://rgrudin.googlepages.com/designexcerpts  This introduction includes a brief description, sample chapters, a table of contents, reviews of past work and contact information.

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Dear Robert:

I'll have to add you as one of my favorite authors on this topic, along with Paul Graham, author of "Hackers and Painters."

  Paul's essay "Taste for Makers" is a touchstone on this, but truth is truth, and you've seen it, as well.

 Blessings on thee!


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your note

Eric, sorry for the delay.  I'll look for the Graham.  Thanks in particular for the blessings.  Please stay in touch, and I'll let you know when the design book finds a home.  Robert

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I enjoyed your introduction

I enjoyed your introduction and look forward to the book.  FYI - there is a wonderful portrait of Pietro Aretino by Titian hanging at the Frick if you are ever in NYC...

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Nell, thanks.  I'll be in New York in early August and will visit the Frick.  Hoping to find a good agent for the design book during that visit.  Thanks to my own carelessness, I read your note only today.  Do stay in touch and let me know what you're writing.  Robert